Multitray Thermoforming B.V. located in Uden, the Netherlands is a young, dynamic and fast-growing new player in the European packaging industry. Founded in 2010, by Marco van Heugten, this family run company has enjoyed steady growth in both their customer base and product line.

Multitray aims to provide bespoke packaging solutions for a wide variety of products and customers worldwide. Currently, the company specializes in the development and manufacturing of superior thermoformed packaging products for the food & beverage and fresh produce industry worldwide.

Proper packaging serves a two-fold purpose, protection of the customers’ products and no less important, the ‘image’ of the customer. We understand that our customers seek both innovative and high quality products; we offer cost - and time effective, in-house development and manufacturing of packaging solutions that offer superior protection during handling and transportation.

Multitray enjoys the challenge of providing customers with significantly reduced costs for packaging. The innovative use of materials, ‘out of the box’ development and thermoforming processes lead to an attractive reduction in packaging weight and volume.

A fine-tuned communication process allows us to clearly establish the often very specific needs of our customers, so that we can provide them with the custom made packaging solutions they need. Our extensive technical know-how of the thermoforming process, used materials and machinery allow us to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Multitray B.V. currently has a production facility in Uden, rapid growth necessitates our move to a new, larger and even better equipped production facility in April of this year. Multitray is BRC certified.